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Spot the Jellyfish campaign

 "Spot the Jellyfish campaign" -[email protected] 

(Report your jellyfish sightings and learn more about jellies) 



PANACEA project


Dr. Alan Deidun wins environmental Journalism award


About Me

30 years old and married to Prascovia since 19th March 2006. Baby Ylenia was born on 13th May 2008. Graduated with a BSc in Biology and Chemistry and went on to obtain a Masters degree and a PhD in marine biology in 2006. Published over 20 scientific papers and attended over 10 regional conferences on coastal biology. He was declared the Young Outstanding Person of the Year for Environmental and/or Moral Leadership in 2007 by JCI Malta and Awarded the Prize for Natural Heritage Journalism by Din L-Art Helwa in 2007. He also held the position of chairman within the Committee for Wind Energy set up by the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs, Held the position of Chairman within the Focus Group on Climate Change set up by the PN.


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